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To serve in mission is one of the most rewarding and meaningful things you can do as a Christian. The problem you may have experienced is that often you are only given mission opportunities to go to an underdeveloped country for a few weeks, give money, or take on a task in church that doesn’t match your talents or interests.

And starting a new ministry yourself can bring along a lot of work and additional responsibilities, something that may not be what you are looking for.

That’s why we want to make it as simple as possible for you to find a mission opportunity that you like, and can do even from your own living room!

Since our ministry is a mix of online media as well as local community projects, we have a bunch of exciting and diverse mission opportunities. We have tried to keep all of them as small as possible, to make it more (time) realistic for you. And when we all contribute with a little bit, then everything together will make a BIG impact!! Let’s team up!

Send an email to: hello@thechristianlife.com to let us know which mission opportunity / opportunities you are interested in, and we would love to welcome you into our team!

If there is nothing here that attracts you, but you want to do something, then send us an email with your interests, skills and ideas, and we can brainstorm to find something for you too!

Do you want to inspire more than a 1000 people every day to read their Bible more?

When we did this a year ago, more than 1500 people participated every day! We got a lot of positive comments from people saying how helpful it was for them and how it inspired them to read more in the Bible. Of course this also gives us a perfect opportunity to shed some light on important, false or misunderstood teachings.

Estimated time requested: 5-7 hours per month.

Here is an example: 

Do you want to help us reach thousands of more people with just a few clicks?

In our long-form content (5-20 minute videos) there can be smaller parts in it that can be cut out and used by itself as shorts or teasers. These smaller clips we can upload on our other social media channels, such as Tiktok, IG, FB & Youtube shorts, where one of our videos has gotten 200k views! The potential reach is really big, especially since the content is already there, it just needs to be modified and get the right title and tags.

This mission opportunity would only require a basic skill in video editing, something that we can easily teach you, so you don’t necessarily need any prior experience in it.

Estimated time requested: 10 hours per month (multiple people can team up for the mission opportunity if needed)

Do you want to use your creative skills to give 10.000+ people a month something meaningful to watch and share with others?

From talking head Bible studies, to vlogs, to shorts. We create a bunch of different kinds of videos on a regular basis, providing you with a mix of consistency and variety. Working closely together, we will also give you a productive balance between guidelines and creative freedom. Since this is the most demanding mission opportunity on the list, we will make a missionary salary available for you.

Required: video editing skills in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Davinci Resolve. 

Estimated time requested: 20 hours per month. If you are interested, but don’t have this time available, let us know. Maybe we can create a team of multiple editors, each taking on a part of the projects.

Do you want the chance to plan creative, unique, and innovative outreach activities that can impact thousands?

This mission opportunity consists mainly out of brainstorming with us, having an overview of everything that needs to be done for the project, and having contact with the different parties involved. (We’re primarily looking for people who can be project leaders, but even if you just want to be involved in diverse projects in different capacities, you can let us know.)

We always strive to create as many win-win scenarios as possible with our projects. And you can help us to maximize the potential of the project! Here’s some examples:
– Local impact on people we reach with the event
– Local impact on secular partners we can work together with
– Local impact on church / members/ ministries, to involve them in mission and connect them with those we reach
– Local / global impact by united conservatives & liberals, church offices & self-supporting ministries
– Global impact on people we reach with the video of the event
– Global impact on the church, to inspire them for (creative) mission
– Global impact by showcasing inspiring ministries / existing projects

Estimated time requested: 1-10 hours per month (depending on the project). Would be great to have several people in a team, so we can divide the projects.

Do you want to give people a powerful boost of inspiration with a few clicks?

You can look up inspirational quotes, turn them into graphics and then we share them on Instagram and Facebook. It can be spiritual, other times it can be simply inspirational or thought-provoking. In any case, we want it to add value to people’s day. We already have a pre-made format ready in Canva (free website) that is easy for you to work with. Even if you don’t have any prior experience, you will be able to turn the quote into a shareable graphic in minutes.

Estimated time requested: 3-5 hours per month.

Here’s an example:

Do you want to inspire the SanFam community with the best speakers out there?

Each month we are organizing a Live Q&A hangout session on Zoom for the SanFam on Patreon. The first 20 minutes the speaker shares some thoughts about a topic, and for the following 40-60 minutes we have time for conversation and questions about it. It’s very informal, like friends hanging out talking about an interesting topic.

In communication with us, you can come up with the topics and speakers you think would be valuable to the SanFam. We encourage you to think big and try to get the best (you would be surprised how many big names are willing to spend an hour with us).

Estimated time requested: 20 hours per year. It would be best to start as early as possible to book in all the speakers, even months in advance, as this increases the chances that they are available. We’d like to have at least 1 such Zoom session per month, but would strive for 2.

Do you want to use your artistic skills to make people curious about the gospel?

To visually intrigue people is more and more becoming the deciding factor whether someone will even look at what you are offering or not. In this sea of impressions, we need to stand out with strong branding and original designs.

The most important design need we have is for Youtube thumbnails. Having an intriguing thumbnail is so crucial, it cannot be overestimated. The other design projects are a bit more random and irregular (for example a new business card, graphics for the website, etc).

Estimated time requested: 5-10 hours per month. If you are interested, but don’t have this time available, let us know. Maybe we can create a team of multiple designers, each taking on a part of the projects.

Do you want to find effective and powerful ways to help people discover our videos?

We try to make content that is meaningful and can make a positive difference in people’s lives. Ultimately, we hope to inspire people to love others and to want to get to know Jesus and live their lives together with Him. But if no one sees the video’s, it will not help anybody. So to stand out in the sea of distractions and even falsehoods, we need people to pro-actively find ways to make the ministry and videos more visible, and bring it to people’s attention.

This can include to try to get articles published in (Christian / Adventist) magazines, find and reach out to key influencers, share videos on Reddit and Facebook groups, etc. Becoming a more known / established name, will even open more doors for new partnerships so we can do bigger projects, as well as to other influencers who we then can build relationships with.

Estimated time requested: 1 hour per week. Would be fantastic to have a large team of promotors!

Do you want to help us to do bigger projects and help more people?

Since we are giving our most valuable content for free to everyone, we rely only on people’s donations and the support from third parties. To be able to continue what we do, and especially to scale it up, with for example hiring more people, doing bigger projects, etc, we need to broaden the support network.

You can find and approach people and parties who you think would want to support us. Whether this would be through a one-time donation, a sponsorship deal, by supporting us monthly with a smaller amount on Patreon, or some other way.

Estimated time requested: 1 hour per week

Do you want to use your financial and administration skills to turn our ministry into a well-oiled, high-performing machine?

This mission opportunity, though it happens behind the scenes, is essential for all the other work to be done faithfully. God is a God of order, structure and care for details and we want to reflect that in our ministry. Knowing that things are being handled responsibly, gives a lot of freedom for our plans.

This opportunity to serve would include maintaining a financial system, paying out salaries, doing desk research for projects (legal and financial), looking for ways to improve structures and processes.

Estimated time requested: 5 hours per month.

Do you want to turn our two websites into powerful conversion platforms?

God has miraculously provided us with the domain, thechristianlife.com. The (SEO)  potential of such a fantastic domain is incredible. Together with our other website, thesandelins.com, we want to use these platforms to reach new people as well as provide additional value to our existing audience. We can showcase our videos in a Netflix style, tell the story behind the Kindness Movement, make a page dedicated to the Europe trip, etc.

There is a lot of potential for creating new pages, and improving and maintaining existing pages. We also have a Google grant available for thechristianlife.com, which provides us with a budget for free Google advertising.

Skills required: WordPress, SEO would be a plus, an eye for design is a plus

Estimated time requested: 5 hours per month.

Do you want to find those golden opportunities and hot topics that we should make videos about?

Though the gospel message is timeless, golden opportunities to creatively share it come and go all the time. Current news events, social trends, popular videos, are all great ways to meet people where they are and so you can share with them a relevant and meaningful message or principle.

You can browse the digital lands to seek out these opportunities, share them with us, and maybe even already come up with a concept for the video.

Estimated time requested: 1 hour per week.

Do you want to use your creative mind to help us communicate deeper truths and principles through funny videos?

Humor is very attractive, healthy and can help open people up to what more you want to say, and I believe that humor should be part of our Christian experience. Especially in short form content, funny videos are incredibly popular. Though most of these videos are purely for entertainment purposes, we want to make them with value and meaning added. You can help us come up with ideas and scripts, that in a funny and relatable way convey a Christian message or principle.

We will share these videos on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok and they will most likely be watched by thousands of people each month.

Estimated time requested: 4 hours per month. Would be fantastic to have a small creative team that could bounce ideas.

Here’s an example (though this one is purely entertainment)

Do you want to provide practical tools and challenges for people’s daily lives through a creative card game?

I cannot publicly say too much about this project yet, but we’re having a great idea, and we need at least 1 creative person who can run this project together with us. It will also become a very useful product for our videos.

Estimated time requested: 30 hours total for the project (this is our best guess, but keep in mind that we have never done anything like this before).

Do you want people to be able to wear high-quality inspiring or faith-based designs on their clothes?

Merchandise is a great way to give people the opportunity to passively share a message with those around them, as well as building a stronger community and brand. On top of that, with the purchase of our merch, people also financially support the ministry and work we do together.

We already have some ideas to get it started, but would need someone who is able to actually create it (of course we’d love to hear your own ideas too if you have any).

Estimated time requested: 5 hours per month.

Do you want to use your musical talents to help us use the right music in the videos?

Something that not many people think about, is that finding the right music for the videos can be incredible time consuming for the editor. It can be the thing that takes the longest! Especially if you don’t just want to use any music, but only those we find appropriate (whether lyrics, or music style). 

You can help us by browsing through two websites where we have active subscriptions, downloading the good ones, and categorizing them in a folder structure on the computer. When editing the videos, we can then use this own, pre-filtered database for music and sound effects to look through, so that we don’t need to waste a lot of time on all the irrelevant ones.

Estimated time requested: 10 hours to initially set up the database, then 1-2 hours per month to maintain and add new ones to it.

inspiration boost

Quotes that can inspire you

God will surely help those who seek Him for wisdom. We are not to wait until opportunities come to us; we are to seek for opportunities, and we are to be ready always to give a reason for the hope that is in us. If the worker keeps his heart uplifted in prayer, God will help him to speak the right word at the right time.
Ellen White
Many suppose that the missionary spirit, the qualification for missionary work, is a special gift or endowment bestowed upon the ministers and a few members of the church and that all others are to be mere spectators. Never was there a greater mistake. Every true Christian will possess a missionary spirit, for to be a Christian is to be Christlike.
Ellen White
We are to show that we are working upon a higher plane than that of worldlings. In all things we are to manifest purity of character, to show that the truth received and obeyed makes the receivers sons and daughters of God, children of the heavenly King.
Ellen White