About the collection​

The current collection consists out of 28 art pieces. It really is an international exhibition, as the 24 artists that have produced these artworks, are coming from 5 different continents. Our intention was to create a very diverse collection that reflect a mix of people. That’s why we have only given two things to the artists; a reference text from the Bible, and complete creative freedom. This resulted in different styles, sizes, methods, etc.

The Bible prophecy theme​

All the art pieces are inspired by several Bible prophecies from the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation. Prophecies are basically God foretelling future events long before they happen. So that when we see these events unfold, or see how they have unfolded in our history, we can develop a trust in God that is based on evidence.

In order to communicate the different messages, these prophecies are often described in a symbolic and figurative way. It’s actually a very creative method to convey a message and highlight several aspects of it, and with this art collection we are trying to help people to visualize these scenes.

On top of the visual element, we also provide brief explanations about what it means, as well as links to some of our videos where we talk more about these prophecies (see below).

Recommended videos​

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The Return of the King

Canvasdiscount & bestcanvas​

For this unique project we are working together with canvasdiscount.com and bestcanvas.se. They really have made this whole project possible by sponsoring us all the digital prints for the exhibition! It’s so cool that they have been willing to do this, and it’s actually the biggest sponsor project that they have done.

And more than that, they have given us a special coupon code that you can use to get 25% off your purchases!

For the store in Sweden (delivers to Norway too): SANDELINS25
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Watch the video​