Our very first food recipe -YEEY-!

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Manna H(e)aven

A few years ago Katja and myself were in Byron Bay, Australia. We stumbled upon a cafe, Manna Haven, ran by the worldwide church we are a part of.

I’m not gonna lie, at first sight I was not attracted to the place. Why? I knew about what the Bible said about clean and unclean animals, but more than that, I did not follow or care about any other Biblical health principles. I wasn’t at all interested in health/diet and the signs above the door were not really in line with my ideas of desirable food.


But because my wife has quite a number of food allergies, this place was like heaven to her. And I was happy for her sake. But my expectations for satisfying my taste-buds was low. Especially because of the sugar free. But then…

The bites into a new life

We ordered this vegan strawberry cheesecake.

And this cake, changed my life. I’m not just saying that.

It might sound crazy to you, but my experiences at that cafe (we visited it more times that week) actually changed how I looked at healthy food.

Some years have passed by now, and in my memory I might have romanticised it a tad, but that cake was one of the best things -if not THE best- that I had ever put in my mouth.

Since then God has taken me on a health-reform journey and I absolutely love it!

Sharing is caring

It was only a matter of time before the TCL ministry would launch into recipes and food demonstrations, as God helped me discover the fact that diet is a very important aspect of the Christian life. So what better than honoring our bodies and health, and fully enjoy the foods that God created us for?!

In our very first video and blog about food, we of course need to start with where it all began. Recreating the cake that changed everything for me -on my birthday of all days!

And with “we”, I actually mean my wife. She’s awesome!

Download the Recipe HERE