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How We Got Started

Both of us were raised in the Adventist church, yet when we got older and tried to find and explore our own faith and beliefs, we felt that something was missing in our spiritual experience, and so we left the Adventist church. After years of different denominations, healing movements, and supernatural experiences, God pierced our hearts and revealed certain fundamental Bible truths to us, which eventually led us to the Seventh-day Adventist church. With a great passion we began sharing our discoveries with our friends and this soon grew into The Christian Life ministry and Youtube channel.

In our own journeys, we have been in a lot of contact with non-Christians, as well as Christians from all across the spectrum. These experiences have helped us to better understand the perspectives and beliefs of those we wish to reach, enabling us to explain the Bible, or talk about some faith / lifestyle topic, in a unique way that speaks to them. This includes for example to share the message in a very concise yet simple way, as well as to be authentic and to dare to be yourself.

After having made dozens of Bible study videos, we felt called to reach out more to those who are open to the idea of God, but are not yet at the step of Bible studies. We call them, ‘curious non-Christians’. That’s when we began experimenting with organising local, creative outreach projects and making videos of them for Youtube. And this proved to be very successful!

Through these projects we connect with this group of people over the shared values of ‘kindness’ and ‘meaningful connections’. By being authentic and build on common ground -things we both find important, it becomes easier to create genuine relationships with them and gain their trust. And as we openly share that what we do is inspired by Jesus and His way of life, as well as adding diverse spiritual elements in the projects, we position our Christian faith in a very relevant and attractive light.


We are fully committed to the beliefs and teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist church. A worldwide movement that is represented in almost every single country in the world. After much personal searching and testing, this church has proven to be the closest to the Bible. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a Seventh-day Adventist supporting ministry. In our personal search for truth, we have found the teachings of this church to be the closest to the Bible. One clear example that this church teaches that is forgotten/ignored by others, is the Sabbath teaching.

‘The Christian Life’ ministry is also a member of ASI and OCI.

We have made a video where we share the story (briefly) behind how we got to 100k subscribers. Check it out here.

Melvin had plans to do so, but God changed these plans, twice. We are grateful that the Holy Spirit is still able to teach those who are genuinely seeking, even if they don’t have a degree in theology.

Europe leads the way in the post-modernist culture. The continent that once was the birthplace of Protestantism, now has the world’s most secular countries in it. Once many missionaries were sent from Europe to different places in the world, and now it is a big missionfield itself. In Norway for example, where we are based, only 2% of the population regularly goes to church. Besides that, there are not many active members or ministries, so there is a large need of revival.

On top of that, the SDA churches in this part of the world are very divided. We have noticed how our mission projects have been able to unite members, ministries, offices, together in mission. To promote such unity and focus is one of our internal goals.

We are making these kinds of videos on ‘The Christian Life’ Youtube channel, but this simply does not reach everyone. With the kind of outreach projects that we’re doing, we are able to reach those who would not have been reached by Bible studies. By building positive relationships with them, and showing Jesus and His way of life in action, and creating curiosity, we pray and hope that this will lead them to go to our Bible study videos, or other spiritual resources (such as books we hand out etc). Basically we want to provide content that meets people where they are on their own journey, and then help them step by step to get to know Jesus more.

We are not employed by the church, nor any other party. We are able to do what we do because of people’s donations, the big and small amounts all make it possible. God is good and we can testify that this below quote is right:
“Our heavenly Father has a thousand ways to provide for us, of which we know nothing.” – Ellen White